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Ocean Lovin 2021 - The Sex Lives of Nudibranchs

Episode Summary

This episode of our running series on reproduction in the sea we take a deep dive into the sex lives of the tiny charismatic creatures, nudibranchs. Come learn about "sex balls," detachable sexual organs, and sexual cannibalism...

Episode Notes

WARNING - this episode deals with sex. On our 50th Episode, the team interviews Lynn Bonomo, a Graduate Student Researcher at the California Academy of Sciences, and Vanessa Knutson, a Graduate Student at the Giribet Lab at Harvard University, to talk about nudibranchs and the crazy sexual behaviors these beautiful creatures get up to. P.S. you learn what the term "penis fencing" means. 

Featuring Andrew Kornblatt, Frances Farabaugh, and Dr. Skylar Bayer.